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  The Yeashore Community 

This was our 21st year of Bonfires!!

The Yeashore Community
has a very special event in January!

To learn about this sweet and tasty event
you must E-mail us, with your phone number.

We will not put this event on this Website!

Space is extremely limited.
Replies which fail to follow directions will not be answered!


Even though winter is not Bonfire season,
the Yeashore community continues to gather during the winter months.
We join other groups for indoor activities,
such as singing, or storytelling and more through the winter!!


To RSVP you must only E-mail to: Yeashore -at- email.com.
(Replace "-at-" with "@") Write soon and often!

...Be Seeing You...Maggid Raja Anderson...
    A Maggid is a Jewish Spiritual Leader,
    Storyteller, Teacher, Preacher, Shaman.