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Bonfire of Reflection® Explained

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  The Yeashore Community 

This is our 21st year of Bonfires!!

We also host Winter Activities!

very proudly presents the FREE

   Bonfires  of  Reflection!®   

in San Francisco and the East Bay!


We look forward to you joining us on
Saturday nights,

October 1, 2016,
October 8, 2016


Please look for a Fish Windsock,
and a Yeashore Banner
at the locations!



Please bring food and drinks for yourself and some to share.
Also bring friends, your miracle stories, and musical instruments.


Yeashore provides potatoes and onions for roasting in the Bonfire!

You are invited to bring something to burn
as a way of letting go of it.


An hour after sunset (or so), we will have a Jewish Havdalah ritual.
The ritual lasts about ten minutes.

As not all the guests at YeaShOre's Bonfires are Jewish,
we explain it and invite everyone to join in.
(Or at least be quiet).


We look forward to your joining us!


To join the E-list, VOLUNTEER, questions, requests,
more info, or comments E-mail to: Yeashore-at-yahoo.com.
(Replace "-at-" with "@") Write soon and often!

...Be Seeing You...Maggid Raja Anderson...

    A Maggid is a Jewish Spiritual Leader,
    Storyteller, Teacher, Preacher, Shaman.